Aug 15, 2016

Free Jupiter Balm Samples!

Jupiter Balm is a wonderful treat for dry lips.

Free Jupiter Balm Sample

Interested? They posted this free sample offer on their twitter page (click here to see the exact free sample offer) and on their Instagram account (jupiterbalm). 

Hurry! this free sample offer could go very quickly! 


Aug 12, 2016

Summer Refreshments using HomeChef Fruit Slicing and Coring Set (Review)

Contrary to what most people say, it does not rain here in Seattle all the time. The data is out there to find out. Summer here is actually beautiful...and it is hot in Seattle today, it's 84 degree F outside. This week has been hot. Some days are even a little too hot for me. I don't want to wander around the city but times like these are perfect to make summer refreshments! 

I am happy that #HomeChef provided me with their Fruit Slicing and Coring Set because this set is very useful in the kitchen. I received this item a couple of days ago and got it #DiscountedforHonestReview. I was using this awesome set in making healthy fruit popsicles and fresh fruit salad. 

The set contains 1 watermelon slicer with tongs, 2 different sizes of cutters and 1 fruit baller.

HomeChef Fruit Slicing and Coring Set Review

Sizes of HomeChef Fruit Slicing and Coring tool sizes HomeChef water melon knife

HomeChef Coring Tool HomeChef Melon Baller Tool

This is a great set. I rated it 5-stars because I really like this set. 


* It is fun and super easy to use. You can carve your fruits, slice or scoop them into any style you want. These utensils are all awesome but I especially love the Watermelon knife. 

* Versatile Use. So far, I tried using it with Watermelon, Papaya, Avocado, and Cantaloupe but it is advertised to suit all fruits and vegetables.

*It saves me time in the kitchen and makes entertaining and party prep a breeze.  I'm not spending more time cleaning the mess. 

* Durable quality. Not only that it is very easy to use and to clean, it is durable. Made of stainless steel and the handles are firm and have ridges on them. It assure safe and confident use because it doesn’t slip as much as on other brands I have tried.

* Easy storage. This does not take up much drawer space. These kitchen gadgets fit neatly within one another except the watermelon knife.

Cons? I found nothing wrong with the product so far.

These tools are definitely a staple in the kitchen. This set will make a great gift to loved ones and friends. I am very comfortable recommending this handy #HomeChef set!

And here's some great tasting fruit popsicles for you :-)

Fruit Popsicles for Summer

Disclaimer:  I only post honest, meaningful and unbiased reviews because I also rely on legitimate product reviews for my personal buying decisions. #vivsreviews. These are my honest and unbiased reviews. Your experience may vary. 

Aug 8, 2016

Summer Bohemian Style White Dress

I'm loving this White Bohemian Style Dress. This is perfect to wear this summer, a lovely addition to my white wardrobe. Unfortunately, my size is out of stock. I will have to wait until it's available :(

I love white dresses because you can style them in so many ways depending on your shoes, handbag, and accessories. You can play it with layers, dress playful by mixing it with pop colors, put a denim jacket on, or mix it with black. White dresses are not only go-to summer staple, but also lovely to wear with other color combos during fall season. 

 There are some great sales on white dresses going on.

Jul 31, 2016

Monitor Credit Score and Credit Report

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Do you monitor your credit score?  I try to check my credit activities every week and see if there's any significant changes on my credit report. I use the free service of Credit Karma: Free Credit Score and Free Credit Reports With Monitoring. I have not tried the app and probably will not use on my phone. I only use the web version. I try to login at least once a week because it gives me an a good estimate with my TransUnion and Equifax credit scores. They also have a tool that analyzes your credit profile and shows top credit recommendations. Credit Karma uses different scoring models so their credit scores may not be exact but a good estimate for you. This is a good way to stay on top of your credit. The site shows you ways to improve your credit and gives you helpful ideas on exactly what to do with your credit score and how to do it. You'll also be able to read incredible tips of other credit card users and their invaluable reviews about different credit cards.

Credit Cards
“Credit Cards” by: Sean MacEntee is licensed under CC BY 2.0

It is important to monitor credit because it helps prevent fraud orders and identity theft. Future employers, insurance companies, lenders, utility providers and cellular service providers all have the ability to legally review your credit reports as part of their decision making processes.

Apr 19, 2016

Happy Now

I am practicing the art of gratitude. I am grateful for what life is giving me. I think of the things that I have, small things and big things, the people that genuinely care for me, my friends, the blessings that I am receiving. I am grateful for my abilities, for the things that I am able to do everyday, for the roof above my head and just for being alive. That is one of the reasons why I started this blog. I want to remind myself of the great things I have and the love that I am feeling from the people I care the most. How about you? Are you thankful for what you have?

being grateful and being happy now

Gratitude is one of the most powerful states of mind that anyone can adopt. Not only does it make you feel good, it shifts your focus from what you don’t have to what you DO have, and keeps it there! As you focus more on what you are grateful to have in your life (even the really small blessings!), you worry less about anything that may be lacking. The result? A more pervasive sense of happiness!

I have decided to be happy. I am Happy NOW. You can too. Stop waiting for your circumstances to change before you’ll allow yourself to be happy. I know most people have preconceived ideas of what would make them happy, and many refuse to be satisfied until those things happen.

The problem with that thought is that even once specific things happen in your lives, rarely are you get satisfied with them! So instead, it is best to shift our focus to something even bigger and better, believing “it” will make us happy (or happier). We never allow ourselves to reach a point of contentment. Have you done the same thing to yourself?

Take time to smell the roses.

Smelling the roses

If you spend most of your days feeling rushed and scattered, it’s hard to feel happy and content. In order to be truly happy, you need to make time for yourself to relax, dream, and take pleasure in life’s simpler moments. Beginning today, make sure to spend time doing things you love on a regular basis. Read books that stimulate your imagination; listen to great music; take long walks, and generally make an effort to enjoy your life as it is right now.

Love the journey.

Vienna Prater - Enjoying the Ride

Many of us make the mistake of pinning all of our expectations on some vague, far-off result, like the completion of goals. We believe that once we “get there” everything will be perfect and we’ll finally be happy. However, there is much to be gained from enjoying the journey TO your destination! Make it your mission to revel in every moment that you’re working toward higher goals. Enjoy the sense of self-mastery and accomplishment you gain with every goal you achieve. Make it a worthwhile journey and you’ll savor the end result that much more!

The most important thing to understand about happiness is that it is largely a CHOICE you make from moment to moment.

being grateful and being happy now

Though certain serious situations make it difficult to feel happy at times, most often we allow the little things to bother us and block any happiness we would otherwise feel.

 Embrace happiness, and it will grow to monstrous proportions in your life.

being grateful and being happy now

Mar 24, 2016

Evil Eye Keychain

evil eye keychain
Love this evil eye keychain I got from Feng Shui EarthIt has definitely kept me more positive in life because I believe in the symbolism of it. I feel like I have a protection against negative people and harmful energy. I have this one my keychain and I also have some in my bag as a zipper pull. I take it with me everyday anywhere I go. I also get a lot of compliments on how nice these evil eye keychains look. I've not had a problem with these keychains.  
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